GENEX and Nedap introduce HerdMonitor® to benefit dairy herd management

January 21, 2021


GENEX, a trusted provider of world-class animal genetics, and Nedap, a global leader in dairy herd management technology, introduce the new GENEX HerdMonitor® cow monitoring system.

The launch is part of a new partnership between GENEX and Nedap to provide dairy farmers with trusted, innovative herd management solutions and services that add significant value to the businesses of today’s and future farming generations.

Best-of-breed cow monitoring technology

“The HerdMonitor® system is an excellent addition to GENEX’s outstanding solutions portfolio, providing producers with real-time actionable insights through Nedap’s superior quality and comprehensive functionality,” says Brandon May, GENEX, Vice President U.S. Sales and Service.

“The technology, together with the dedicated support of the GENEX team, is an invaluable tool to sustainably improve reproduction, keep cows healthy and productive, and save time and labor on farms of all shapes and sizes,” he says. “This enables our members and customers to take management to the next level and lay the foundation for a successful future,” he says.


“Advanced herd monitoring and management technology has become a vital element for successful dairy farms across the globe,” says Bertino Verstege, managing director of Nedap Livestock Management. “Our reliable, innovative and integrated identification and monitoring solutions lead the way to help dairy farmers become more profitable and successful.

“Together with GENEX’s well-known dedication to delivering value and helping farmers achieve their best, we’re confident the system’s benefits will be fully utilized, and delighted to jointly enhance herd performance and farm profitability,” Verstege adds.

Cow monitoring systems not only help farmers improve heat detection, but the technology is easily harnessed to provide essential herd health, nutrition, location and management insights.

The GENEX HerdMonitor® system, powered by Nedap, offers dairy farmers industry-leading advantages, including:

  • An all-in-one system: one collar combines animal identification, heat detection, health monitoring (eating, rumination, inactive behavior), herd performance trends and cow locating to improve herd performance and producer peace of mind.
  • Reliable, robust and proven technology installed across wide-ranging environmental conditions and farm management systems.
  • Seamless integration with other automation systems, herd management programs and software tools.
  • A dedicated research and development team constantly innovating with new tools such as Cow Locating and Augmented Reality.

Investing in the future of dairy farming together

“Nedap is proud to add GENEX to its valued distributor network of leading international dairy industry companies, including genetics and milking equipment suppliers,” says Verstege. “Both GENEX and Nedap are committed to long-term investments to enhance dairy farming and to provide today's and future farmers a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable future. That makes this partnership an excellent fit.”

“GENEX chose to partner with Nedap because they offer the most accurate, complete and reliable activity monitoring solution in the market,” says May. “GENEX HerdMonitor® is the perfect addition to the GENEX Herd Technology Line, giving members and customers herd management solutions that focus on cow wellbeing and intuitive management tools backed by proven technology.”

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Nedap develops Technology for life. Technology that helps people be more successful and happier in their professional lives. For Nedap Livestock Management this means helping professional dairy and pig producers run a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business. The solutions Nedap creates enable them to automate everyday tasks and make informed decisions based on individual animal identification and data. This way Nedap empowers livestock producers to?respond to the growing global demand for animal protein in a way that is both profitable and aligned with rising standards for animal welfare, sustainability, transparency and the safety and quality of food.

GENEX is the trusted provider of world-class animal genetics, progressive reproductive solutions, value-added products and innovative services. As a cooperative business, GENEX serves members and customers - dairy and beef cattle producers - across the globe.


GENEX HerdMonitor® at Donley Farms - YouTube