GENEX provides high quality semen to their customers with a customized approach to genetic and reproductive programs. GENEX is your partner in improving farm profits by getting more cows pregnant and more genetically-superior calves on the ground.

Industry Innovator

This cooperative has been the first A.I. organization to:

  • conduct calving ease research and provide calving ease evaluations
  • research and publish a herdlife evaluation
  • publish a total economic sire index, a precursor to Lifetime Net Merit $
  • develop and maintain a nucleus herd in the U.S. - the GENESIS Cooperative Herd
  • offer semen with Pocket Thaw capabilities
  • evaluate sires for fertility when used on synchronized females (SynchCheck)
  • strongly believe in the power of genomics
  • offer sire fertility evaluations on sexed semen (PregCheck+ fertility rankings)
  • offer ICC™, an index for producers seeking greater emphasis on longevity, health, and optimal body size and condition without sacrificing yield and udder traits

This demonstrates our ingenuity and leadership making GENEX the Industry Innovator!