Fertility Rankings

PregCheck fertility rankings

Continuing domination as the industry's fertility leader, GENEX enhanced our internal fertility ranking model and data collection process. This new world-class data set enabled us to introduce PregCheck sire fertility rankings, a new way for you to create profits through pregnancies.

The cooperative's ability to collect pregnancy diagnosis information from participating herds allow for intense sire fertility examination. The speed by which pregnancy information can be collected is phenomenal too. New genomic bulls are likely to receive a PregCheck fertility rankings evaluation before SCR data has been published. This benefits the membership as members know bull fertility levels sooner than under past fertility ranking systems.

Rely on high PregCheck fertility rankings sires from GENEX to consistently create pregnancies.

PregCheck+ fertility rankings

PregCheck+ fertility rankings provide data-backed insight into the fertility level of a sire's GenChoice sexed semen. These fertility rankings are set to a base of 100, meaning 100 is average. Every one-point difference is equivalent to a 1% difference in conception rate. See scale below.

Ask your GENEX representative for PregCheck+ fertility rankings on Holstein and Jersey sires available in GenChoice sexed semen. Use high PregCheck+ fertility ranking sires to consistently create pregnancies from GenChoice semen.