Genetics today for the generations of tomorrow


It starts with a straw of semen, but it is so much more. With that straw, you are making a conscious decision for the future. It is a decision to invest in genetics that will create your cow of tomorrow – one that will be even more productive and efficient with each generation, giving you and yours a bright future.

Genetic selection simplified

Identifying genetics for your next generation can be a daunting task. Which traits should you consider? How many traits are enough or too much? What trait combination will lead to overall genetic progress? ICC™ takes the guesswork out of your genetic decisions. It is backed by sound science and crafted with careful consideration for farm-level economic impact and genetic selection response.

ICC™ empowers tomorrow’s cows
to perform through balanced selection
for efficient production, sustainability
and fertility.

ICC™ is a true legacy index – one that you can build your future on. By selecting on ICC™, you are creating a feed efficient and sustainable cow that calves easily and transitions seamlessly. It’s the kind of cow that goes unnoticed, that works hard day in and day out, lactation after lactation. It’s the kind of cow that makes dairy farming enjoyable.

ICC™ for Holsteins

ICC™ for Holsteins focuses on what truly makes your cows profitable and sustainable and, therefore, includes the traits that matter to you, your herd and your future.

ICC™ is comprised of three sub-indexes.

The Production Efficiency (PREF) sub-index focuses on feed efficient production and component yield.

Sustainability (SUST) selects for overall health and longevity with traits that focus on milk quality and functional udders and easy maintenance.

Fertility (FERT) includes cow and heifer fertility traits for overall reproductive efficiency.

ICC™ for Jerseys

ICC™ gives you balanced genetic response for production, daughter fertility and overall sustainability.

The Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX) sub-index focuses on total component yield with equal weightings on Fat and Protein.

Sustainability (SUST) selects for overall health and longevity, including traits that focus on heifer survivability, milk quality and functional udders.

Fertility (FERT) emphasizes cow and heifer fertility and selection for optimal age at first calving.

Her Story: Thriving in a Modern Dairy

No one can tell the ICC™ story better than a cow. Read the story of 3967, a black and white beauty gracing an Iowa dairy farm. She is a prime example of a cow that “just does her thing” and does it well day in and day out, lactation after lactation. She is a model ICC™ cow.